Yuzuriha (ユズリハ)




July 20th


169 cm (5'6½")


53 kg (116 lbs)


Bust: 88cm
Waist: 57cm
Hip: 84cm





Blade of the Godspeed (神速の斬撃)

Battle Style


The EXS of Falling Flowers, "Ainsel Lost"


Iris Blade: Kamiji-no-Homare

Voice Acting

Japanese Voice:

Ayumi Fujimura

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Yuzuriha (ユズリハ) is a cheerful young woman whose family is connected to the Night Blade.


Yuzuriha is a woman who hates trouble and likes to laze around.


Yuzuriha is a young woman with long purple hair in a ponytail, red eyes and a slightly above-average bust. She wears a fuchsia camisole, a light pink jacket with fuchsia flowers at the end and on the ends of the sleeves that hang on her shoulders, white skinny jeans and high heels.


Yuzuriha is a very cheerful and carefree, acting like anything that goes on around her doesn't seem to bother her. She affectionately refers to her sword as "Ayame" and her smartphone as "Felia". She is also someone who doesn't hold very serious grudges, having already forgiven Hyde for his actions in the past and tells Hilda to rethink her decision on becoming a Re-Birth.

Despite her seemingly happy-go-lucky attitude, Yuzuriha possesses a serious and realistic side to her. Since obtaining her sword, she has taken it upon herself to be the guardian of the city and killing any Void she encounters and admits that her abilities are far from being perfected. When encountering Hilda, she states that carrying an unconscious Hyde and Linne would be more troublesome than fighting Hilda herself, showing a bold and cocky side to her personality as well.


Years ago Yuzuriha's ancestors worked for the Night Blade. After the Licht Kreis first appeared and started to fight against the Night Blade for the control of the Hollow Night, Yuzuriha's ancestors were fed up with the fighting and decided to betray the Night Blade and start their lives anew. The only thing they had kept from the Night Blade is the Iris Sword passed down on their lineage.

Yuzuriha's family then started to hold a sword-fighting dojo, from where she was taught her family's sword-style. Around the time, when Hyde went to elementary school, he met Yuzuriha at the dojo. The two have been friends since that point, but their relationship has gotten awkward after a "certain incident", which has left Hyde guilt-ridden ever since.


Yuzuriha's ability, the EXS of Falling Flowers (散華のEXS) called Ainsel Lost (無明長夜(エインセルロスト)). Ainsel Lost makes it possible for Yuzuriha to dash at high speeds to resemble teleportation, leaving behind glowing flower petals.

The sword she uses is the Iris Blade: Kamiji-no-Homare (菖蒲刀・神路誉(あやめがたな:かみじのほまれ), lit. Divine Route Honor). It is the traditional sword passed down Yuzuriha's family to those who learn their special sword-drawing style: Twin Moon's One-Bladed Blade-Drawing Arts Style (双月一刀流抜刀術). Yuzuriha is last practitioner of these sword-drawing arts.

Musical Theme

Title Romaji Translation Description
歩く姿は百合の花♪ Aruku Sugata wa Yuri no Hana♪ Walking Figure is a Lily Flower♪ Yuzuriha's theme

Introduction Text

She considers nothing. A rule is escaped and it chooses to be by itself.
Also regardless of whom, it lives as mind is suitable. Tonight is not capricious.
A white edge gazes at a moment. Truth winks. Everything changes for every instant.
Waiting at the point of freedom is real her. Oneself who was lost.

She doesn't think. She runs away from her laws, and chooses to be alone.
Living life as she pleases, not bound to anyone. Tonight, too,
is nothing more than a whimstical stroll. The naked sword is seldom drawn,
but when it is, the blade never lies. Everything is reflected in its clear glimmer...

She is thoughtless. She chooses to be herself evading from the statute.
Letting nobody capture her, she lives as the fancy takes her. Only her capriciousness brought her out tonight.
The cold steel gazes at the moment. The principle is a blink. Everything returns to every moment.
The true self awaits her beyond the freedom. The lost self.


Official Art
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Victory Portrait
SD Character
Ed yuz
Arcade Mode Ending
Normal (通常)
Happy (喜)
Angry (怒)
Sad (哀)
Serious 1 (真面目1)
Serious 2 (真面目2)
Official Illustrations
Happy Birthday by Yoshihara Seiichi (2012)
Happy Birthday by Nakahara Yuusuke (2013)
Happy Birthday by 6sec (2014)
Happy Birthday by Satou (2015)
Happy Birthday by Osawa Sora (2016)
Concept Art
Design Sheets from Mook
Design Sheets from Mook
UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Yuzuriha Gameplay05:05

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Yuzuriha Gameplay

Gameplay from 1.00 Build
UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe Late - Yuzuriha Introduction Video07:01

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe Late - Yuzuriha Introduction Video

Gameplay Tutorial for Exe:Late


  • The name "Iris Blade" refers to the shape of blade's tip that resembles Japanese iris flower's leaves.
  • The term "Sange" (lit. scattering luster) in the name of her EXS ability is also a term for "dying a glorious death", akin to "falling as flowers do".
  • During her walking animation, she hums out musical notes via cosmetic effect.
  • Yuzuriha makes a cameo appearance as a background character in Skullgirls. She appears in a stage called "River King Casino".
  • During her Infinite Worth, Yuzuriha shouts out "aku, soku, zan!" ("evil, swiftly, slain!") A reference to the Rurouni Kenshin portrayal of the famous historical Shinsengumi figure, Hajime Saitou.

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