Akira Yuki


Akira Yuki (結城 晶(ユウキアキラ))
Akira (アキラ)




September 23, 1968


180 cm (5' 11")


79 kg (181 lbs.)





The Ultimate Martial Artist

Battle Style


The EXS of One Strike, "White Tiger Fist"


--- (Bajiquan)

Voice Acting

Japanese Voice:

Shin'ichiro Miki

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Akira Yuki (結城 晶) is a character originally from Virtua Fighter franchise.


Hailing from the Virtua Fighter series, he's an assistant instructor of Yuki Budokan.

After completing his training under his grandfather's tutelage at the age of 23, he went on a quest to test his abilities. When he got word of the first World Fighting Tournament, he decided to enter and test his abilities.


Akira is a muscular male with a tanned complexion, spiked black hair, and dark brown eyes. He appears to be average height and has quite wide shoulders and a serious face with a strong jawline and a squared-off chin.

His most trademark outfit is a form of sleeveless gi - a traditional blue colored Chinese uniform used for martial arts practice - which has frayed around the ends of the trouser legs and shirt holes. The gi is slightly open to reveal his bare chest underneath, and some gray, red, and white dōgi. The outfit is complete with a red belt and headband and wristbands, and a black Kung Fu shoes. Overall, he bears a striking resemblance to Ryu, the main character of Capcom's Street Fighter series.


Akira strives for perfection and will drive himself relentlessly to master his techniques. He seeks worthy opponents to fight in order to find flaws in his skills to further attain mastery. While hot-blooded and impulsive, he can also be naive and intemperate. Akira is also quite passionate when fighting, often telling his opponents give him their best and always expressing his enthusiasm for about. Despite his hot-headed personality, Akira does appear to have some good friendships with most fighters such as Wolf Hawkfield, Pai, Jacky, Sarah, and Aoi Umenokoji (his childhood friend and sparring partner), as well as Akatsuki (his grandfather's long-time friend during their military lives in the past).


A young man who continues his martial arts training in order to become the ultimate martial artist. Born into the famous Yuki Budokan, he has learned from a young age the art of Bajiquan, passed from his grandfather to his father and then to him. In order then test his own abilities, he entered into the World Fighting Tournament, a global contest of martial arts. However, rather than just pursuing victories and the defeat of others, he also continues his training in order to see the "stars" that his grandfather taught him were only visible to those who know true strength.

He lives by the motto "None shall harm me, and I shall harm no others," with a righteous heart that seeks to avoid meaningless conflict. On a side note, he is just a regular human being whose been experiencing against certain unidentified beings and superhumans alike he encountered, with his strength can go on par with them and manage to survived any dangerous situations he is in.


Akira's ability is the EXS of One Strike (一撃のEXS(イチゲキのEXS)) called the White Tiger Fist (白虎拳(ビャッコケン)).

In reality, it is actually part of his signature hand to hand fighting style of Bajiquan (八極拳(ハッキョクケン)) from his home series, and is not truly an "EXS", and Akira himself is only a normal person, making him the only one who can go on par against unidentified entities and objects, supernaturals and man-made alike. This fighting style on the EXS is mainly focused on utilizing a single strike, and low stances to develop the internal strength in the legs.

Musical Theme

Title Romaji Translation Description
ライド・ザ・タイガー -Again- Raido za Taigā -Again- Ride the Tiger -Again- Akira's theme

Introduction Text

Fierce Hakkyoku-ken fighter on a journey to become the strongest warrior in the world.
He longs to find a worthy opponent, and he's never been seen without his trusty hachimaki.
Ironically, he is only a regular human who can go on par with certain superhumans and unidentified beings he encountered.


  • Originally first appeared in other French Bread/Ecole Software's 2D fighting game collaboration between Dengeki Bunko and Sega known as Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax (Ignition), Akira is given new sprites, and slightly revamped move list on mostly commands and damage properties including revamped Infinite Worth moves (regular (Yuki-ryu Hakkyoku-ken ・ Hiden Hozan) and EXS (Hōgeki Unshin Sokosho)) for this game.
  • His theme is a remix of his Virtua Fighter 2 theme "Ride the Tiger".
  • Akira's character select and story CG/lifebar artworks are based on his appearance in Bandai Namco/Capcom/Sega/Nintendo's Turn-based Fighting Game RPG crossover Project X Zone series, while his chibi version is based on his character select render from his guest appearance in Koei Tecmo's Dead or Alive 5 (Ultimate (Arcade)/Last Round).
  • Despite being a guest character, his arcade story reveals that Akatsuki is an old friend of Akira's grandfather during their military life. Akira also have some sort of rivalry history with Enkidu as something happened between both fighters in the past outside Akira's participation in Virtua Fighter tournament, before the Enkidu becoming an In-Birth.
  • In Cross Tag Battle, where Akira is one of the ETC/Solo Guest characters to appear in its Season/Episode 2 DLC, some of Akira’s moves (safe for his Under Night iteration of Hōgeki Unshin Sōkoshō, though as an Instant Kill only) are once again being revamped along with a new Crash Assault animation to incorporate with this game. Example: One of his Distortion Skills Yuki-ryu Hakkyoku-ken ・ Hiden Hozan has both versions from Fighting Climax (for regular) and Project X Zone games (for Resonance Blaze), and Yōhō gains 5 hits during Resonance Blaze.