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PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita

Release date

July 23rd 2015
JP July 20th 2017
US February 9th 2018
EU February 9th 2018

Opening Song

End of Dawn (Arcade)
Unknown Actor (Console)

Ending Song

heart beat breaker
Aka, Watashi ga Egaku Ko no Sekai
Tooku Soukuu no Shita
Shuuen no Yurikago
Takeki Yamiyo
Kouken no Chinkonka

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[st] is an updated version of the previous game featuring new gameplay systems and characters.

On April 18th 2017, Famitsu announced that Exe:Late[st] will be released for the consoles of Playstation family on July 27th 2017.

On July 1st 2017, Aksys Games announced that they will localize the game and aim to release it during Q4 2017. However, on November 21st Aksys Games announced that Exe:Late[st] will release in United States on February 9th 2018.


Update re-balances the gameplay and introduces a new Cross Cast Veil Off system. Update adds characters Nanase and Byakuya to the arcades. New characters: Phonon and Mika also joined the fight.

Enkidu and Wagner join the character roster in the game's console version. Additionally, this version will be getting a proper Story Mode, called “Chronicle Mode,” with reportedly about ten or more hours of content. It will also feature a Combo Challenge mode for first time.

Version History

Version 3.00 (July 23rd 2015)

  • Nanase and Byakuya from the console version have been added.
  • A new character Phonon has been added.
  • A new cafe stage has been added.
  • "Mutual Situation", a new Hyde VS Seth song has been added.
  • The new story segments from the console version have been added to Arcade Mode.
  • Cross Cast Veil Off has been added, activated by pressing A+B+C during a certain attacks, except during Infinite Worths.
  • Training Mode is now the same as in the console version.
  • Game balance has been changed and some characters have gained new moves.

Version 3.01 (September 8th 2015)

Character Specific Changes:

  • Fixed the bug where the webs set up by Byakuya's "Should I plant it around here?" didn't disappear when they were attacked, as well as the bug where they dealt chip damage even when blocked with a Shield.
  • Fixed the bug where Phonon's EX "Yuudou Ascend" animation would play out if you cancelled the attack on hit and used another move.
  • Fixed the bug where Vatista's "Sidereus Fragmentum" dealt more hits than normally when they were detonated.
  • Fixed the bug where Seth's "Nosedive follow-up move" messed with the blocking orientations of Seth's moves used afterwards.
  • Fixed the bug where Waldstein's "Sturmangriff" had his hurtbox the same as during a normal jump.
  • Fixed the bug where Chaos' "Breathe Out" couldn't be cancelled into other special moves on hit.

Other Fixes:

  • Other minor fixes and improved operation stability.

Version 3.10 (June 27th 2016)

  • New playable character Mika has been added.
  • A new kindergarten park stage has been added.
  • Game balance changes.
  • New configurable options in Training Mode.
  • 10 new colors added to each character increasing the total to 30 colors per each.
  • New customization items such as plates and icons.

Version 3.11 (January 19th 2017)

  • Fixed the bug when using Yuzuriha's Saki or Yaei'ichirin under special circumstances, you could enter the Stance while the C-button Stance icon didn't appear.
  • Fixed the bug with Mika and Phonon where cancelling 5A or 2A into a special move would allow you to cancel the said special with a normal throw.
  • Fixed the bug with Chaos' A-version "That's the prey" and "Repel them", where using them during a combo causes his Smart Steer to not complete all of its inputs.
  • Fixed the bug with Gordeau where using a Chain Shift after the Assimilation followup from Mortal Slide and then cancelling it into an EX Special Move right afterwards would scale the damage harder/lower.
  • Fixed the bug with Gordeau where using a grounded EX Mortal Slide in a combo wouldn't absorb the opponent's GRD.
  • Various minor fixes and improved operation stability.

Version 3.20 (July 10th 2017)

  • to be added

Version 3.21 (July 20th 2017)

  • Console release.

Version 3.30 (September 14th 2017)

  • Adds Wagner and Enkidu to arcade version.
  • Revamps the UI for “Mode Select” and “Training,” as well as game stability adjustments.




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