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Ecole Software
Arc System Works (Console Port)


Arc System Works (JP Console Port) (Steam Port)
Aksys Games (US Release)
NIS America (EU Release)




Playstation 3
Microsoft Windows

Release date:

September 5th 2013
PlayStation 3
JP July 24th 2014
US February 24th 2015
EU February 27th 2015
WW July 12th 2016

Opening Song:

Akai Yami ni wa Ikusen no
Yaten no Ori -Recurrence Starry night- (Console)

Ending Song:

heart beat breaker
Aka, Watashi ga Egaku Ko no Sekai
Tooku Soukuu no Shita (Console)
Shuuen no Yurikago (Console)

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late is an updated version of the original game and it launched on the arcades on September 9th 2013.

On April 22nd 2014, Famitsu announced that Exe:Late will be released for Playstation 3 on July 24th 2014.

On July 4th 2014, Aksys Games announced that they will localize the game. On November 12th Aksys Games announced that Exe:Late will release in United States on February 24th 2015.


Update balances the gameplay and adds Chaos as a playable character. Later a brand new guest character Akatsuki joined the character roster.

Nanase and Byakuya joined the character roster in the game's console version.

Version History

Ver. 2.00 (September 9th 2013)

New Elements:


  • Width of the stages has been increased
  • Characters can no longer move before the round starts
  • Universal nerfs in each character's health and damage
  • Assault no longer consumes EXS
  • Jump attacks are now overheads only during the descending part of a jump
  • Pratfall mechanics removed
  • Auto Recovery removed (Aerial Recovery is now invincible until you land, but you can't move in the air)
  • Recovery options increased: Ground Backward Roll added. Aerial Forward, Neutral and Backward.
  • "Recover Correction Value" added which changes the length of combos.
  • Particular invincibilities added to certain moves, like "invincible only against projectiles"
  • If an aerial attack is now Shielded, the user can't move anymore before they land.
  • Guard Shield now pushes the opponent away from the user.
  • Wallbounce limit on combo dropped to 1 wallbounce. Instant recovery if used twice in a combo.
  • If a Veil Off hits the opponent during a combo, it won't cause a GRD Break but destroys Vorpal state instead.

Ver. 2.01 (September 18th 2013)

  • Akatsuki added as a computer-only character
  • Universal correction on Dash-cancel Dash (You can no longer cancel dash-cancel dash into normal dash)
  • Hilda's charged j.C is now counted as a multi-hitting overhead

Ver. 2.02 (October 22th 2013)

  • Akatsuki added as a playable character
  • Bug fixes
  • Vatista's floating (j.A+B) fixed
  • Special attacks added that appears when you use Vatista's Sidereus Fragmentum four times in a combo
  • Hilda's Force Function animation modified
  • Huge meter gain when use Carmine's 3C at certain times has been fixed
  • Accuracy of Chaos' "Sidle up" fixed.

Console Version Changes (July 24th 2014)

  • Nanase and Byakuya added as a playable character
  • 3 new stages added
  • Rearranged character roster select
    • Chaos is on the 2P row to Hilda's 1P
    • Eltnum is on the 1P side to Akatsuki's 2P
  • Akatsuki got his winner announcer

Ver. 2.03 (August 4th)

  • Fixed a bug that made Assault attacks retain landing recovery.
  • Fixed a bug that made particular throws miss the hit in the corner.
  • Fixed a bug that gave Gordeau's "Turbulence" greater reach when he's on the left side of the screen.
  • Fixed a bug that made Akatsuki's EX Denkoudan weird when it hits the opponent in hit stun and is canceled with Chain Shift.
  • Other minor system adjustments.





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