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Release date:

September 20th 2012

Opening Song:

Akai Yami ni wa Ikusen no

Ending Song:

heart beat breaker
Aka, Watashi ga Egaku Ko no Sekai

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH is the first game in the series. It launched in Japanese arcades on September 20th 2012.


The game originally started with just 10 playable characters. Hilda and Eltnum were added on a later date, bringing the total roster to 12 characters.

Version History

Ver. 1.00 (September 20th 2012)
■ The game launches in the arcades

Ver. 1.01 (October 4th 2012)[1]

■ Effects changed for Chain Shift when done with more than 6 blocks of GRD
■ Using a Chain Shift with less than 6 blocks of GRD won't reset the combo limit anymore
■ Compensation Fluctuation Value for Chain Shift has been changed
■ Amount of EXS gained from Chain Shift has been changed
■ Automatic gain of EXS gauge has been changed
■ Amount of GRD you get from using Assault has been changed.
■ Increased recovery for jump attacks when blocked with Shield
■ Increased invincibility for Veil Off with maximum charge
■ Fixes on other minor bugs

■ GRDゲージ6個以上のチェインシフトはエフェクトと性能を変更しました
■ GRDゲージが6個未満のチェインシフトはコンボ制限をリセットしないように変更しました
■ チェインシフトの補正変動値を変更しました
■ チェインシフトのEXSゲージ増加量を変更しました
■ GRDゲージの自動増加値を変更しました
■ アサルトでのGRDゲージ増加処理を変更しました
■ ジャンプ攻撃をシールドされた時の着地硬直を増加しました
■ 最大タメヴェールオフの無敵時間を増加しました
■ その他細かい不具合を修正しました

Version 1.02 (November 1st 2012)[2]

■ The boss character Hilda has been added as a playable character
■ Character balance and systems remain the same as they were in Ver.1.01

■ ボスキャラクター「ヒルダ」をプレイアブルキャラクターとして使用可能となります。
■ 既存キャラクターの性能やシステムについては、Ver.1.01から変更はありません。

Ver. 1.03 (December 19th 2012)[3]

■ Important Changes:
・ Auto Recovery now has an EXS Bonus based on how long combo you've gotten hit with
・ Remaining time of GRD Break can now be seen
・ EXS you get by taking damage is now determined by how long combo you were hit by

■ System Changes:
・ Infinite Worth now always takes 200% of the EXS
・ Amounts of ground bounce and wall bounce now reset after the end of combo
・ Neutral Shield now has shorter recovery
・ Chain Shift is now easier to input
・ Dash Attacks are now easier to input
・ Increased the amount of GRD you get from blocking an overhead
・ You can reduce the remaining time of GRD Break by guarding or getting hit

■ Characters
Carmine's "Pierce through!" maximum amount is now 2
Carmine's "Dissolve" now consumes health even if the opponent interrupts the move
Vatista's "Sidereus Fragmentum" won't detonate after it has been blocked 5 times in a row
Seth's Infinite Worth's kicking part won't gain EXS anymore
・ Hitbox of Hilda's backstep's landing part was fixed
・ Hitbox of Eltnum's airthrows landing part was fixed
Eltnum's Cutting Sync's B version is now special cancel-able when blocked.
Eltnum can now be used as a playable character without inputting the secret code.








Ver. 1.05 (March 14th 2013)[4]

■ Added support to store the player's data using the Aime card
■ Using the Aime card, you can display a comment and a RIP scoring that symbolizes player's strength
※ Version 1.05 has the same game balance as the version 1.03

■ Aimeカードを使って、戦績データ等を記録してプレイできるようになりました。
■ Aimeカードによって、プレイヤーネームやコメントの表示ができるようになる他、プレイヤーの強さを表すRIPも表示されるようになります!
※ バージョン1.05は、現行のバージョン1.03と、ゲームバランス等は同一です。

Ver. 1.06 (April 11th 2013)[5]

■ Fixes on operation stability. Game balance adjustments have not been conducted.

■ 動作安定性向上の修正になり、ゲームバランス等には一切変更はございません。





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