Tsukuyomi (ツクヨミ)



Voice actor

Asami Seto

Tsukuyomi (ツクヨミ) is a woman related to Byakuya


Tsukuyomi is a mysterious young woman with long purple hair decorated with a white lily. She wears a black school uniform with a long skirt, possibly from the same school as Byakuya.


At some point in the distant past, Tsukuyomi betrayed a friend of hers and the result of which is an unusual scar on her chest, serving as a constant reminder for her actions. Later, Tsukuyomi and another friend encountered Paradox. Tsukuyomi bore witness to her friend challenge Hilda, but he was easily defeated by her overwhelming power.

Currently, Tsukuyomi is allied with Byakuya to fulfill a "wish" of hers. They have participated in the Hollow Night multiple times in an attempt to locate the friend that Tsukuyomi betrayed in the past so that she may make amends, although they have yet to find her.

Byakuya states that Tsukuyomi is a reincarnation of his big sister, although the details are unknown. Her body is currently possessed by someone called "Strix" (ストリックス).


Tsukuyomi was once a powerful ability-user and was known as the Tree of Life, Sephiroth (生命の樹[セフィロト]). Orie tells that she did something terrible with her powers.

Currently Tsukuyomi is in a "Zero Vessel" (ゼロヴェセル) state and can't use her powers because she is unable to interfere with the flow of EXS.


  • The name Tsukuyomi (月讀), which literally means "Moon Reader" and is also sometimes written as "Tsukiyomi", comes from one of the three famous Shintou mythology gods, and brother of Susano'o and Amaterasu.


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