The Sacred Shield [Ritter Schild] (聖盾(リッターシルト)) is a group of In-Birth that dedicate themselves to the investigation of the Hollow Night.


Ritter Schild is an independent branch organization that split from Licht Kreis when they no longer accepted males as their members after Waldstein's defection. Due to this, the two organization's relationship has been rather volatile.

Unlike Licht Kreis, who specializes in fighting and Void extermination, Ritter Schild refer to themselves as an "Inspection Organization" (監査組織) that specializes in information and data gathering and has dedicated themselves to solving the mysteries surrounding the Hollow Night.

They possess some very formidable fighters who specialize in fighting against Licht Kreis members. The only known member as of now is Londrekia Light, an In-Birth who specializes in ice-based EXS and Void hunting.


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