The Reborn Ones, Re-Birth (再誕者(「リヴァース」)) are people with powers that transcend those of normal In-Births.


It's confirmed that currently there are six Re-Births in the world. However, only two of these are known: Kuon and Adelheit

It hasn't been fully revealed how one becomes a Re-Birth, but apparently one has to gather huge amounts of EXS to become one. Re-Birth's Vessel is the same dark and indestructible one as the Voids have. However, a Re-Birth has managed to keep it in the shape of a human body and this way effectively becoming truly immortal. The Indulgence of Sever-Rending is currently the only thing known to be capable of harming them because it directly attacks their EXS.

Merkava attempted to become a Re-Birth, but failed to maintain his human form and transformed into a Void instead. Hilda also appears to be attempting to become one, but various characters imply that she might've misunderstood the process.

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