Night Blade (夜刀(やと)) is an old organization that has protected the order of the Hollow Night for years.



After the members of Witchcraft Village learned about the powers of EXS, many of the surrounding villages started to get curious about the happenings of the village. The village chief decided to create a group in order to protect the secrets of the Hollow God had taught them.

They protected people from the Night for ages and passed on the knowledge about it through generations. However, an internal struggle begun within the Night Blade and brought ruin to the organization. Some remains of its members still continue to fight Voids and protect the Night.

Known Members

Related People

  • Seth, a descendant of the member who started the internal strife.
  • Yuzuriha, a descendant of old members who left the Night Blade.


  • In Linne's arcade story she reveals that the true meaning behind the name is "The Sword which Bows Down the Hollow Night" (虚ろの夜に伏す刀)


Playable Characters
Non-Playable Characters
Guest Characters
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