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  • Enkidu needs an update on his EXS section. If you watched his IWE carefully, you'll noticed his chain wrists disappear, meaning that wrists are actually acting as his EXS' limiter

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  • Veil Off System hasn't been since Exe:Late[st] arrived in Arcade with newly introduced Cross Veil Off (a Burst Launcher), such as A+B+C (Air OK) during normals/commands/special combos, including uses IW during CVO state & cancellable from EX move as well

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  • Hi i'm making a separate wiki, to make similarly as the one in Marvel vs. Capcom Wiki. Care to help out? It still incomplete

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  • How old do you think the characters are in Under Night In-Birth? I think...

    Hyde: 15-16

    Linne: Physically 12-13, Chronically +1000

    Waldstein: Physically 50-60, Chronically +1000

    Carmine: 16

    Orie: 15-16

    Gordeau: 20-25

    Seth: 14-15

    Yuzuriha: 25

    Vatisa: Physically 12-13, Chronically +1000

    Merkava: Unknown in Void form, but probably 20-40 when he was human.

    Hilda: 27

    Eltnum: 17-20

    Chaos: 16-18

    Akatski: 18-20

    Nanase: 15-16

    Byakuya: 15-16

    Phonon: 16-18

    Mika: 14-15

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  • Anythg else or was it just that tease on their twitter feed?

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  • What happened to the wiki's? The BlazBlue wiki won't let anonymous editors do anything anymore.

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  • I know some characters have a Japanese Nationallity, but can some specify were each of the 18 characters hail from in terms of their nation?

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  • If Under Night had an English Dub, who should voice who? For example, would Linne have a muture sound voice actress or a young sounding one?

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    • Ooooh. I like some of the ideas thrown around out here!

      Guess it wouldn't hurt to throw my two cents down the wishing well for "What-If" the series had a dub. I agree with some of the previously said suggestions, but including those I would also suggest:

      Hyde: Robbie Daymond

      Linne: Erica Mendez

      Waldstein: Michael Sorich

      Carmine: David Vincent

      Orie: Lauren Landa

      Gordeau: Matthew Mercer

      Vatista: Brianna Knickerbocker (Aria from Omega Quintet)

      Merkava: Dan Woren

      Seth: Erik Kimerer

      Yuzuriha: Cindy Robinson

      Hilda: Laura Post (Arfoire from Hyperdimension series)

      Chaos: Bryce Papenbrook

      Nanase: Shelby Lindley

      Byakuya: Amanda C. Miller

      Eltnum: Erin Fitzgerald

      Akatsuki: Kaiji Tang

      Phonon: Sarah Williams

      Mika: Cassandra Lee

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    • What about some of the NPC's?

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  • A few things, Sourenga

    1. What do you think of Mika Returna becoming playable?

    2. What do you think of Es' inclusion in BlazBlue Central Fiction?

    3. How come you didn't respond back?

    4. Why don't you want your videos uploaded on YouTube, especially sense you have a YouTube account?

    5. Thanks again for the XBlaze song lyrics, but are you sure you would'nt like to put them on the BlazBlue wiki yourself?

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    • Everything okay, Sourenga?

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    • Fine, fine... I'll answer these. Wiki just really isn't the place for these, I should probably have a Tumblr account or something.....

      1. There was already some evidence pointing that Mika was high in French Bread's priority list. - She had a lot of concept sprites when first introduces 3 years ago. - Lots of files and code related to her datamined from the PS3 version. So yeah, definitely wasn't that much of a suprise. I was way more surprised by the fact they decided to rebalance the arcade version... I suspected they would've done so after the console version of UNI[st]

      2. BBCF Act3 put so much emphasis on Es, that her becoming playable wasn't much of a surprise. Es is a fine character and her Drive sounded interesting, so why not...?

      3. Too lazy, I guess... No new info -> No need to come to Wiki. I have stuff in work, like character quotes, that I'd like to add into Wiki, but I've never gotten around finishing them >_>

      4. Why I don't want my videos in Youtube...? I record, I translate, I make the subs, I encode the video, I upload it... Considering the amount of work, I think it's totally reasonable that I get the views for the work I've done.

      And as for uploading them to Youtube myself... Well... Uploading to Youtube, means putting my channel into risk if it's found by ArcCops -> making a new channel and reuploading everything is tons of work. So the ultimate reason is, because it'd be really bothersome to redo all the work.

      5. People are free to post the lyrics if they want, but I don't really feel like going through the trouble.....

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    • Okay, thank you and sorry for bothering you.

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    • 1. Did you also sub Phonon's story?

      2. What are your personal thoughts on XBlaze?

      3. Have you thought of subbing Stardust Amazoness (3DS) and Getsuei Academy Kou (PSVITA and Steam)?

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