Merkava (メルカヴァ)






210 cm (6'11")


71 kg (156 lbs)





The Basilisk of The Abyss (深淵の怪蛇)

Battle Style


The FLS of The Basilisk: Jormungandr


Dark Bite

Voice Acting

Japanese Voice:

Hidenobu Kiuchi

English Voice:

Benjamin Diskin[1]

"A savage beast that only knows how to hunt the scent of its prey. It just might devour everything."
Merkava (メルカヴァ) is a former human whose transformation into a Void wasn't completed successfully.

He is one of the twelve characters introduced in the original version of UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH.


The Basilisk that Devours All

A mysterious man(?) who has fallen into the corruption of a Void -- thought to be the failed shadows of Re-Births. Many are fascinated with its form of existence most recently a woman named Hilda has been pestering Merkava quite thoroughly. On this Hollow Night, many In-Births gather, and something doesn't feel quite right. "Heh, perfect..." He'll have plenty of victims to satisfy him. The hunt will go on.[2]


Merkava is a Void capable of speech whose instincts drive him to consume Existence.


Merkava's previous appearance as a human is currently unknown. His current appearance is that of a tall, dark skinned humanoid-like creature with long arms and flashing blue markings all over his body. He has long white hair that undulates similar to flames, vanishing at the tip.


Like all Voids, Merkava has the desire to consume EXS and does not seem to try resisting it.

However, he appears to still retain some fragments of his humanity. He genuinely thanks those who try to reason with him as if he was still human and respects those who are unafraid of him, although he dislikes those who gawk at him.


Merkava was once a human who pursued the status of a Re-Birth, but he was consumed by the Power of Existence and turned into a Void. For some reason he managed to retain his consciousness and ability to speak, though he lost his memories at the same time. Ever since his new body has craved for more and more EXS to devour. The only memory he retains of his human life is a small girl crying but doesn't remember why.

In his Arcade path, Merkava is drawn to Hilda due to her immense amount of EXS. Along the way, he encounters several characters who are astonished at his ability to speak due to Void normally being mindless monsters hell-bent on devouring EXS. Upon encountering Hilda, Merkava refers to her as a "Red Void" and fights her. Before he devours her, she swears revenge on both Merkava and Kuon.

Some time later, Merkava realizes that, ever since consuming Hilda's EXS, his body is no longer satisfied with consuming the EXS of ordinary In-Birth and craves only the strongest EXS. He flies off into the night, intent on devouring the Re-Birth themselves starting with Kuon.

In Orie's story, it is stated that Merkava is likely to be the Void who killed her parents as he has yet to encounter another Void who possessed sentience.

As revealed in Chronicle Mode, Ritter Schild member Londrekia Light originally have the missions to investigate and trail Merkava, due to the latter’s unique status being a known Void who can to enter the real world. Merkava is also the reason Londrekia abandoned one of his original missions, with both are now having a neutral friendly term. Londrekia though Merkava steals his luggage, which is meant to be delivered to a Litch Kreis branch, but the Void already deliver it to that branch as a thanks to have his life spared, repaying the Ritter Schild member’s debts in return.


Merkava's ability is the "FLS of The Basilisk" (怪蛇のFLS): Jormungandr (ヨルムンガンド), which allows him to stretch his limbs for various purposes and transform them into tentacles or wings. In addition, he is capable of launching purple fireballs, regeneration, and can break off a piece of his body and turn it into a serpentine creature known as a Relentless Follower to assist him in battle.

The pattern on Merkava's body is a technique called Curse Commandment which is needed to transfer the power Merkava uses, FLS, around his body. Normally one's body would produce the FLS they needed, but Merkava's body doesn't produce FLS and must consume the EXS of others to survive.

Musical Theme

Title Description
Unseen Entities Merkava's theme

Introduction Text

He is anxiety. It is sad every day in the curse which fell to the brute body.
Lost memory. Flesh which changed. It is not filled even if it eats eternal hungry.
The world is red. It runs in the ground which dyes red and wipes the arm with which red drips.
A beast called nothingness. Neither a peceful life nor hope is in this body long ago.

He fears. Every day, the curse that permeates through his body grows stronger.
The memory lost, the flesh that is no longer, the hunger that cannot be fulfilled.
He dashes across the earth, drenched in red, trailing behind him, his crimson arms.
A beast of the Void. Neither peace nor hope has resided in this body for a long, long time.

He is melancholic. Grieves over the curse that made his body fallen into the beast.
Lost memory. Transformed body. Eternal hunger is never satisfied.
Crimson world. Running through the blood stained land, wiping the bloody arm.
The beast is called immortal. This body has lost the peace and hope forever.


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Official Art
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Concept Art
Merkava from the First Trailer
Merkava from the First Trailer
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Design Sheets from Mook


Gameplay from 1.00 Build
UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe Late - Merkava Introduction Video

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe Late - Merkava Introduction Video

Gameplay Tutorial for Exe:Late

Creation & Development

The motif for all the Voids designs are snakes. Yoshihara also added some elements from bats as they are "denizens of the night" and fit well into the design. Merkava's appearance had to retain some degree of human-like form to show that he actually was a human before his transformation. Merkava has visually looked the same in all of his concept arts, except for his legs which changed somewhat at a certain point.

Yoshihara mentions in the mook interview that originally he had created Merkava as a suppression weapon (制圧兵器) who was controlled by Hilda. However, a character without any personality of their own wasn't a very interesting concept for a fighting game character [3]. To make Merkava stand-out as an interesting member of the roster, Yoshihara gave him a personality and made Merkava into a special being with his own mind.


  • Apparently, his arms can be extended for several meters.
  • Jormungandr is the name of a serpent in Norse mythology that bites its own tail in a circle, similar to the Ouroboros. Only in the Jormungandr's case, it will signify the end of the world if it ever lets go.


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