The Light Circle [Licht Kreis]光輪(「リヒトクライス」)) is an organization that protects the order of the Hollow Night.



Licht Kreis serves law, order and justice. They believe that only an organization with hierarchy can protect people from the Voids. Formerly they had male members, but because of a certain former male member it's now an all-female organization.

They have an academy where they gather orphan children who have lost their parents to the Voids. There they educate the new In-Births about the Night and how to control the EXS abilities. They also teach how to fight against the Void.

The Executors

The warriors they train go by the name Executor (執行官(「イグゼクター」)). Executors move in a teams consisting of four people. Teams are sent to do various missions, like Void exterminations.

Their most strongest members receive the rank of "*th Executor". Only exception in the ranking is the leader, Adelheit. 2nd-in-command goes by the names "1st Executor" and "Ace of Executor" - this rank currently belongs to Zenith. Strength of a person has effect to how they are ranked, but ultimately a person's rank is determined by a paper-test.

There can be multiple persons with the same rank. There's currently no one with the rank of "3rd Executor" because Erika Wagner killed the last one. Erika Wagner and one other member possess the rank of "4th Executor". And a few dozens of people have the rank of "5th Executor". Lowest rank is the "10th Executor". Vast majority of the members are unranked.

Known Members

Name Rank Note
Adelheit Leader "The Supremacy Princess"
Silvaria First Executor
"Ace of Executor"
"The Zenith"
Erika Wagner Fourth Executor "The Crimson Knight"
Orie Ballardiae Fifth Executor
Kaguya Seikaiguu Sixth Executor A member of Orie's Team
Mika Returna Tenth Executor A member of Orie's Team
Lex Bartholomeus "Out-ranker" A member of Orie's Team
Murayama Wagner's Attendant. Staff of the Japanese branch.
Sakurai Wagner's Attendant. Contract Employee.
Waldstein A former Member


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