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Kuon (クオン)


The Weaver of Eternity (永劫の紡ぎ手)
The Eternal [Aion] (永劫[アイオン])


Night Blade



Kuon (クオン) is an old member of the Night Blade and the main antagonist in the series.


Kuon is Linne's older brother who has an immortal body of a Re-Birth.


Kuon appears to be a young man a head taller than his sister with long brown hair that reaches his waist with two long hair antennae protruding from the top and a lock of hair falling over his face. He wears a white high-collared jacket, black gloves, simple black pants and brown shoes.

Another concept art shows that, in battle, his clothes transform into a black bodysuit with red vein-like markings resembling a Curse Commandment. What remains of his jacket are the sleeves and several threads floating behind him.


As has yet to make an official appearance, parts of Kuon's personality are only revealed by various characters. It is mentioned how, in the past, he was a man of virtue and honor, having inspired Waldstein with his chivalry and being well-respected by many.

However, due to unknown circumstances, Kuon's personality appears to have taken a mysterious and possibly sinister turn, seemingly having severed ties to his former allies and manipulating Hilda into becoming his willing pawn and possibly discarding her when she was of no further use.


Hundreds of years ago, Kuon and his sister were used as human test subjects in the Night Blade's research for new abilities. As a result Kuon gained an immortal body. Kuon served as the Night Blade's leader for many years. Kuon's chivarly was also the reason why Waldstein joined the Night Blade and they were good friends for many years.

However, for unknown reasons, Kuon seemingly vanished and has begun working towards an unknown goal. He manipulated Hilda into attempting to become a Re-Birth, but in Carmine's Arcade Path he steals the equipment back without Hilda's knowledge, presumably discarding her. Linne theorizes that he is after her "Seal of Soul Transmigration".


As one of the six Re-Births, Kuon is immortal with Hyde's Indulgence of Sever-Rending currently being the only known weapon that can kill him. Hilda lists Kuon as one of the most powerful beings in the world, but no information about his abilities has been given thus far.


  • His name comes from the Japanese word "kuon" (久遠), meaning eternity.


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