Kuon (クオン)





The Eternal [Aion] (永劫(「アイオン」))
The Weaver of Eternity (永劫の紡ぎ手)


Night Blade

Battle Style


Twin katanas (In the past)
The Insulator (Temporarily)

Voice Acting

Japanese Voice:

Ayane Sakura[1]

Kuon (クオン) is an old member of the Night Blade and the main antagonist in the series.


Kuon is Linne's older brother who has an immortal body of a Re-Birth. In the past, he was known as a genius swordsman and a man of chivalry, but at some point he started working towards his own unknown goals.


Kuon appears to be a young man a head taller than his sister with long, brown, messy and free-flowing hair that reaches his neck with two long hair antennae protruding from the top and a lock of hair falling over his right eye. His eyes are a deep red color.

He wears a large, hooded cloak with four undone belts, two around the hood and two near the waist. Underneath the robe, around 80%[2] of his body has turned into a Void as a part of the process of becoming a Re-Birth. His head, a nearby chest area and his left shoulder are the only parts of his body that still retain the normal human form. The robe he wears is custom-made with functions to make it easier for Kuon to control the Void within his body.[3] The large robe also covers most of his immortal body and helps to avoid causing unnecessary commotions.

In the past, Kuon wore a robe which left the left side of his body bare and his hair was much cleaner looking and tied into a ponytail. His eyes were also a more purple color like his younger sister, though the reason for the change in eye color is unknown.


Parts of Kuon's personality are only revealed by various characters in their arcade scenarios. It is mentioned how, in the past, he was a man of virtue and honor, having inspired Waldstein with his chivalry and being well-respected by many.

However, due to unknown circumstances, Kuon's personality appears to have taken a mysterious and possibly sinister turn, seemingly having severed ties to his former allies and manipulating Hilda into becoming his willing pawn and possibly discarding her when she was of no further use.

In Chronicle mode, he shows little to no emotion aside from the occasional chuckle, smirk or scowl.


Episode: Nighttime Void
Hundreds of years ago, Kuon was given incredible powers by the Hollow God and became what was nowadays called a Re-Birth. As a result Kuon gained an immortal body and eternal youth. Kuon served as the Night Blade's leader for many years. Kuon's chivalry was also the reason why Waldstein joined the Night Blade after Kuon saved him from almost turning into a Void.

After the Licht Kreis War, The Night Blade separated into two groups: The Reformists, and the Moderates, with Kuon leading the latter. A large battle broke out between the two factions with many lives lost. The village elder decided to split the knowledge of EXS into two bodies, Kuon himself, and his younger sister, Linne. Kuon became what was essentially, a walking curse and would be kept alive for eternity from this. Burdended by this, Kuon left Linne in the care of Waldstein before leaving, with the other two following soon after.

However, for unknown reasons, Kuon seemingly vanished and has begun working towards an unknown goal. He manipulated Hilda into attempting to become a Re-Birth, but in Carmine's Arcade Path he steals the equipment back without Hilda's knowledge, presumably discarding her. Linne theorizes that he is after her "Seal of Soul Transmigration".

Kuon appears before Hyde during the night before the Hollow Night. He guides Hyde to Hilda's residence and explains that the meeting of these two is necessary for the right results. He later appears before Hilda and tries to persuade her on giving up on he goals of becoming a Re-Birth because he cannot afford to lose her for whatever reasons.


As one of the six Re-Births, Kuon is immortal with Hyde's Indulgence of Insulation currently being the only known weapon that can kill him. Hilda lists Kuon as one of the most powerful beings in the world, but no information about his abilities has been given thus far.

While he isn't seen with them now, Kuon used to dual wield katanas in the past as seen in his duel with Waldstein. He also temporarily wielded the Insulator.


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  • His name comes from the Japanese word "kuon" (久遠), meaning eternity.


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