The False Born, In-Birth偽誕者(インヴァース))are individuals who control the supernatural powers of EXS. In-Birth are people who are neither alive nor dead - they are people without a birth.


During a Hollow Night, if a person gets bitten by a Void, it consumes the person's soul and infects their body with the Void's common ability to manipulate EXS. If a person can withstand their sanity during all this, they'll be fully awakened as an In-Birth.

In-Births have access to the Void's common ability, Manifestation (顕現化). It allows an In-Birth to give EXS some sort of unique shape. This is what's usually refered as an EXS ability. In-Births through EXS also obtain enhanced physical abilities, which may be in order for their bodies to handle their given powers.


The body of an In-Birth is called a Vessel ((「ヴェゼル」)). It functions actually pretty similarly to a normal human body. A Vessel is used to store the EXS that an In-Birth needs to fight. When an In-Birth's Vessel is pierced, they are briefly immobilized and are unable to use their abilities for awhile.

Zero Vessel

Vessel Break, the Zero Vessel (器割れ(「ゼロヴェセル」)) is a situation that an In-Birth might find themselves in.

In this condition, an In-Birth's abilities are restricted. They can barely even sense the EXS in their surroundings. Those in a Zero Vessel state become incapable to interfere with the flow of EXS, which means they cannot store EXS within their Vessel. This also means that they also can't use their powers.

It's hasn't been fully detailed how this condition can be cured.

Currently Strix is suffering from this condition.

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