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Hyde Kido


Hyde (ハイド, Haido)
Hyde Kido (城戸灰都, Kido Haido)


Unknowing Costar [Unknown Actor]


Night Blade


171 cm (5'7")


55 kg (121 lbs)


April 14th



Voice Actor

Ryouhei Kimura

Check the details about Hyde's gameplay from here!

Hyde (ハイド, Haido) is the male protagonist of UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH. His full name is Hyde Kido (城戸灰都, Kido Haido).


Hyde is a 2nd year student in the same high school as Harada, Seth and Carmine. He and Yuzuriha know each other from their childhood, but currently their relationship is awkward due to a "certain incident".


Hyde is a young boy with black and bleached blonde hair and red eyes. He wears a dark red t-shirt under a white button-up shirt with one button loose and a red tie, a black jacket with two belts (one of them undone), black pants and black shoes.


Straight-forward and strong-willed, Hyde is an individual who gives his all to any challenge before him and doesn't back down from a fight. Although normally cool-headed, he has a cocky and reckless side to him and tends to head into extremely dangerous situations. Hyde has stated that he has no desire for power and only wants to live his life like a normal person.

Hyde is someone who greatly values his friends and comrades. Although he is capable of using Insulator to kill Linne, he decides to postpone doing so as he feels that she has much more to teach him. He was also hesitant to fight Orie due to the positive relationship they have and offers Vatista a place to stay until she completes her mission.


Hyde was living alone after his parents left for work abroad. One night as he was coming home late he is attacked by "Shadows who devour people" he had only heard rumors of, but is saved by Linne. Hyde doesn't lose his sanity and awakens to the power of EXS. Linne is amazed that the boy had the power she had searched for so long, and decides to train him. That's also when a mysterious witch sets her eyes on the boy.

After that, Linne, her pet Kuu and a mysterious old man move to Hyde's home. They teach Hyde all about the Hollow Night and the Power of Existence so that Hyde would be ready when the next Hollow Night arrives. During the training time Hyde becomes a rumor on the streets as the Unknown Actor (不明なる共演者, Fumei naru Kyouensha) who accompanies Princess of the Night Blade.

One month later, when the Hollow Night finally appears, Linne and Waldstein suddenly disappear so Hyde begins searching for them. On the way, he encounters Orie and both are surprised that the other is an In-Birth. They then fight for the right to move on to challenge Hilda with Hyde emerging victorious. Soon after, Waldstein suddenly appears and engages Hyde in battle to test his strength and resolve. Afterwards, Hyde encounters Linne outside the Altar and insists that he fights Hilda while Linne insists that Hyde stay back because Hilda is after the Insulator. They then fight and Hyde is able to proceed. Paradox offers Hyde a place in Amnesia to help her plans come to fruition, but he refuses. He defeats Hilda and uses Insulator to destroy the Abyss, ending the Night. Afterwards, he reunites with Linne and carries her home on his back.


Hyde's ability is the EXS of Darkness (漆黒のEXS, Shikkoku no EXS, lit. EXS of Jet-Black) called Void Red (ヴォイドレッド, Vooido Reddo). This power makes it possible summon a sword called the Indulgence of Sever-Rending (断裂の免罪符, Danretsu no Menzaifu) or "Insulator" from within his hand. The sword has a power to rend things apart, and can even be used to rip a person's Existence apart - meaning it can kill Immortals and those similar to them.

Musical Theme

Title Description
Scraper Sky High Hyde's theme
Mutual Situation Hyde VS Seth theme

Introduction Text

He wakes up. In order to release the girl caught by the eternal chain from the fate.
The power minced by the body is "nothingness." The power grasped by the hand is an "indulgence."
Every day leveled. The boy who has lived every day vacantly. The day of looming referee.
Under this night. In order to stand on the boundary of reality and fantasy and to return the all to nothing ---

He wakes up -- In order to free the girl from the chains of eternity, that seal her fate.
The power burned within him, the "Void". The blade he carries, the Insulator.
Each day became lost in a sea of banality, living under the threat of the Night.
The Hollow Night approaches, and where reality and fantasy meet, this young boy takes a stand...
to reclaim everything, and return it to nothingness.

He wakes up. To release the girl bound by the perpetual chain from her destiny.
Her body is engraved ”immortal”. Her hand holds ”indulgence”.
Ordinal days are broken. The boy lived hollow days. The judgement day is impending.
Under this night standing in-between the reality and fantasy to bring back everything to the nothingness.

The red into which his ability overflows a sword blade, black aura.
I slip through partner's defense and despoil physical strength.
It isn't embodiment of just darkness officially,
but he himself doesn't know this keeping barrel ability yet, either.


  • Hyde is the only character who can inflict chip damage with his normal attacks compared to other characters in most fighting games, and of the current cast.
  • The one black streak on his hair antenna is missing on his super-deformed art.
  • Hyde's moves are in a popular alternate character reading, where the kanji used have rather different English readings from their actual translations, often used as either a more appealing way for naming or as mainly a double meaning (often popular in most works such as One Piece, The Nasuverse, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Kill la Kill etc.). The kanji's actual translations as seen below.
    • Vestige of Cruelty (峭刻ノ残滓, Shoukoku no Zansai) = Strict Daze
    • Wicked Vortex of the Torus (円環ノ凶渦, Enkan no Kyouka) = Black Orbiter
    • Black Lotus Blooming in the Abyss (深淵ニ咲ク黒蓮, Shin'en ni Saku Kokuren) = Dark Lotus
    • Distorted Aperture (歪曲サレシ空隙, Waikyoku sareshi Kuugeki) = Bend Sinister
    • Crimson-Clad Wing of Darkness (紅纏イシ闇ノ翼, Koumatoishi Yami no Tsubasa) = Red-Clad Craver
    • Fault Dividing the Empty Air (虚空ヲ分ツ断層, Kokuu wo Wakatsu Dansou) = Vacant Shift
      • First Layer (一層, Issou) = First
      • Second Layer (二層, Nisou) = Second
      • Third Layer (三層, Sansou) = Third
    • Earth-Drilling Shadow (地ヲ穿ツ影, Chi wo Ugatsu Kage) = Shadow Scare
    • Wedge of Sick Crimson Calling the Calamity (禍招セシ猩紅ノ楔, Kashouseshi Shoukou no Setsu) = Pale Bringer
    • Spiral Cage Alluring to the Demise (終焉ヘ誘ウ螺旋ノ檻, Shuu'en e Sasou Rasen no Ori) = Gyre Vortex
    • Savage God's Roaring Howl Shredding the Heaven & Earth (天地斬リ裂ク荒神ノ咆哮, Tenchi Kirisaku Koujin no Houkou) = Raging Roar
    • However, in Hyde's case, he is the only character who's special moves are all are in this type of reading as much of Under Night In-Birth's elements/terminology already makes use of this style of alternate character reading; the particles meant to be written in hiragana are also instead written in katakana in this case.
    • In Vacant Shift's case, Hyde will refer to both the kanji-based and English-reading versions of the move; he either yells out "First, Second, Third" for the latter or "Issou, Nisou, Sansou" for the former.


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