Hollow Night (虚ろの夜(うつろのよる)) is a mysterious realm that manifests once a month. It is home to the Void.


The Night of Cursed Copper


"Those who get their souls devoured by the Dark Shadows, will end up wandering eternally in a mysterious world.", is the rumor that's being told around the city.

The Hollow Night is a phenomenon that has been around for many centuries. Organizations, like the Night Blade, have been protecting the civilians from getting involved with the Night and the Voids.

Hollow Night

Hollow Night appears every time on the night of the full moon at a certain area. Those people who are within the area during the Hollow Night's appearance enter to the Void's realm. Normal people who end up getting caught in the Hollow Night usually become the Void's prey, only some awaken as In-Birth.

People outside the realm of Hollow Night cannot see what happens within. Likewise, the people within the Hollow Night cannot view what happens in the real world. All electrical devices are also rendered useless within the Hollow Night.


Official explanation picture from FRENCH-BREAD Twitch broadcast



Hilda standing before the Door

The Abyss (深淵(しんえん)) is a place that appears in the center of the Hollow Night. It's an infinite fountain of EXS that many In-Births try to reach in order to gain further powers. Hilda hints that beyond the Abyss a person can reach the status of a Re-Birth.

Due to the endless amount of EXS it produces, it allows Voids to take a materialized form near it, so that people can visually recognize them.

Hollow Night can be forcibly ended by destroying the Abyss.

Gloom of Lament

Gloom of Lament (憂の滅明(うれいのめつめい)), which is also referred as "Gloomy" (グルーミー) is phenomena similar to the Hollow Night.

"Gloomy" takes place irregularly and can appear without any warning sings. Chaos refers to them as Quickie or "QKY" as way to shorten the words from "Suddenly Appearing Hollow Night" (級にくる虚ろの夜). It is a Night with much thicker and stronger EXS which takes an appearance of a red fog. Getting close to the Abyss of such a night is what turned Roger into a Void.


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