Hollow God (虚神(うつろがみ)) is key figure in the lore of UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH.


This one Man had long wandered around the world. He stopped at a small Japanese countryside village for a break. Villagers were kind enough to provide the Man shelter and food. As his way to thank them, the Man showed them witchcraft and asked whether the villagers were interested in learning to use it.

Others called him a messenger of demons and wanted to banish him from the village. However, some showed interest in learning to use those powers and those started to call this man the "Hollow God". The Man shared his knowledge about the Hollow Night and powers of EXS as well as taught the villagers how to wield those powers.

Eventually other villages heard rumors about witchcraft being used in this village and started to refer to as "Witchcraft Village". The other villages made plans to attack that village in order to obtain the knowledge about witchcraft for themselves. When the other villages began their assault, the worried villagers came to Hollow God's residence to seek for help. However, Hollow God had already vanished from the village.

No one has heard about him ever since.

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