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Hilda (ヒルダ)


Glittering Darkness (眩き闇)
The Witch of Rarity (希代の魔女)




171 cm (5'7")


59 kg (130 lbs)


November 11th



Voice Actor

Hatsumi Takada

Check the details about Hilda's gameplay from here!

Hilda (ヒルダ) is one of the leaders of Amnesia.


With great ambitions in mind, Hilda appears to be a threat, but in reality seems to be only a pawn in Kuon's currently unknown plan. She's just 2 years older than Yuzuriha.


Hilda is a young, slim woman with very long blonde hair that goes down to her ankles, and she has heterochromia, her right eye is red and her left eye is grey. She wears a white and black dress, black stockings and white high heel shoes.


Hilda is very pompous, arrogant, vain, ambitious, and insists that others should either serve under her or suffer the consequences and swears revenge on those who defeat her. Several characters have stated that she isn't very intelligent.

Hilda appears to have a positive relationship with her subordinates both past and present. She has nothing but the utmost respect for Chaos due to how useful his intellect and careful planning is and supposedly has tried multiple times to invite him for social calls. Despite Gordeau having left Amnesia, she still considers him a friend and asks him to come back, promising that she will also hunt down the Crimson Knight with him.


Hilda is one of the leaders and founders of the Amnesia, and she believes that the Hollow Night needs brand new rules and more freedom. She is interested in the Indulgence of Sever-Rending and the Autonomic Nerves.

She often says she aims to become a Re-Birth so she can destroy the "old leaders" of the world with her own hands. But in her own story she plans to become a "spear" that will pierce through the Door of Resurrection that lies at the bottom of the Abyss. This way she can accomplish what she calls The True Hazy Banquet, Dia Liber (真朧たる夜宴 [ディア・リベル], Shinrou-taru Yaen), although these could be the terms identifying the process of becoming one.

She is being used by Kuon for the sake of his unknown goals. Each character who fights her determines her fate: she is either devoured, her Vessel is pierced, or she is simply defeated. In the ending of Carmine's story, the equipment Hilda needed to become a Re-Birth disappears (supposedly stolen by Kuon).


Hilda's ability, Paradox (パラドクス) is the EXS of Light and Darkness (煌朧のEXS, Gourou no EXS lit. EXS of Glittering Haze) allows her to conjure blades out of thin air. Apparently the swords Hilda can summon should normally be shining brightly, but since she has been consuming too much Existence, the swords have become black from corruption.

In Merkava's story, Hilda states that she is capable of binding a Void to her will, although this has yet to be seen.

Her weapon is the Dress of Darkness called Masquerade (闇の衣, マスカレード).

Musical Theme

Title Description
Overwhelm Despair Hilda's theme

Introduction Text

She enjoys herself. One who uses power and strives for the purpose.
Light and darkness. Antimony lurking in the body. Inconsistency and an unreasonable spiral.
Order without it is confused. Darkness feeling diggy. Voice from the bottom of the deep ground.
A false pupil follows Eternal and wishes artificial colander "Re-BIRTH".

She savors. She wields her power for a single purpose.
Light and Dark, the contradiction that's inside of her.
A helix of contradiction and the chaos with no order.
Darkness that covers the eyes. A voice that comes from deep within the earth.
The false eyes, chase after eternity, and she wishes for Re-birth.

She is joyous. By herself who strives for her own intention.
Light and darkness. The antimony lies within herself. The spiral of contradiction and unreason.
Chaos without order. Blinding darkness. Voice coming from the deep underground.
The false eyes seek for the eternity, and wish for the rebirth of inhuman.


  • Reason for Hilda's heterochromia is unknown at the moment, though it may be from consuming too much Existence.


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