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Gordeau (ゴルドー, Gorudoo)


Harvester of Avarice (強欲の収穫者)
Invincible/Usual-Victor Mercenary (常勝の傭兵)


191 cm (6'3")


80 kg (176 lbs)


June 23rd



Voice Actor

Kousuke Toriumi

Check the details about Gordeau's gameplay from here!

Gordeau (ゴルドー, Gorudoo) is a former member of Amnesia.


Gordeau has a very laid-back and carefree personality who cares deeply for his friends. He's currently freeloading at Chaos' residence, though it is unknown if they truly work closely together due to their separate duties.


Gordeau is a young man with a slightly tan complexion, purple eyes and black spiky hair with a fringe covering his left eye. He wears an unbuttoned bluish-purple jacket that exposes his well-toned torso, black pants and black boots with tan padding. His right hand possesses long, sharp claws and is the catalyst for his ability "Snatcher", although he usually keeps it in his pocket.

Strangely, his left eye appears to glow.


Gordeau has a very laid-back and carefree demeanor, rarely letting anything bother him and occasionally cracking jokes at others' expense, though even he has his limits when it comes to patience with unreasonable people.

Although he has defected from Amnesia, he still cares for his comrades and is willing to put himself in harm's way for their sake. It is this loyalty that led to him to personally hunt down the Crimson Knight to avenge Bob, whom she had ruthlessly killed after he turned into a Void.


Gordeau once worked in the Amnesia together with Hilda, Chaos and the other members. Gordeau was a great fighter and became soon known as one of the most powerful EXS users. To them, he was known as the Harvester of Avarice (強欲の収穫者, Gouyoku no Shuukakusha).

But one day their friend called Bob exceeded the limit of his power and turned into a Void, and the Crimson Knight of the Licht Kreis ruthlessly killed him off. After that incident, Gordeau left the Amnesia to pursue revenge for Bob's sake. Ever since, he has participated in the Hollow Night in an attempt to encounter the Crimson Knight and avenge his friend.

Nowadays, he is known merely as the "Usual-Victor Mercenary" (常勝の傭兵, Joushou no Youhei), mainly due to him taking up odd-jobs nowadays with some renowned success.


Gordeau fights with the EXS of Greed (強欲のEXS, Gouyoku no EXS, lit. EXS of Avarice) called Snatcher (スナッチャー, Sunacchaa). This power takes a form of long purple claws on Gordeau's right hand which he can use to rip out pieces of another's soul. His weapon is a hollowed scythe called Demon Sickle: Devourer (魔鎌ディバウアー, Maren: Dibauaa), which he seems to summon out of thin air.

Musical Theme

Title Description
Rushing Heart Gordeau's theme
Cross Thought Gordeau VS Chaos theme

Introduction Text

A harvest person wants. All are mown in order to fill themselves's deep desire.
What is wished is for to an old friend hands. The souvenir to an old acquintance.
A far ground level is faced involving a high sky, and it follows through the deep time.
See unlimited fruits. He raises the point of a sickle keenly.

He reaps. He slashes his enemies to satisfy, but it is not enough.
- he wishes to reunite with an old friend. Offering a souvenir for an old acquintance.
The land, is fast. Expanding as far as the eye can see.
The sky, without boundaries, no ceiling. He raises his sickle,
and prepares for the Night.

The harvester desires. Harvesting everything to satisfy his own deepest desire.
Wishing for a tribute for his old friend. A gift for the old friend.
Flying high, looking out on the far horizon, pursue through the long time.
Aiming at the infinite fruits. He sharply raises his sickle.

His ability is the both hands in which his own greediness is embodied.
The, a nail like the animal increased lengthily doesn't miss all games.
His "profit person" barrel nickname is made something firm
according to the scythe which is a weapon.


  • Gordeau works as a bartender.


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