Enkidu (エンキドゥ)
Gaien Enkido (円鬼堂 凱庵 )




August 24th


214 cm (7'¼")


94 kg (207 lbs)





The Sin-slaying Beast



Battle Style


The EXS of Sinful Whirlpool, "Maelstrom"



Voice Acting

Japanese Voice:

Shunsuke Takeuchi

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Enkidu (エンキドゥ) is a member of Amnesia who was scouted by Hilda. His real name is Gaien Enkido (円鬼堂 凱庵). He's a new playable character in the console version of Exe:Late[st].


Enkidu is a muscular old man who only speaks when its absolutely necessary. Gordeau mentions that Enkidu has a habit of teasing him often. He is also very persistent to challenge Gordeau into a serious fight.


Enkidu comes from a family which practices the ancient martial arts. He was very skilled and many feared him as the infamous Maneater (羅刹). As he started to run out of human opponents to fight, Enkidu decided to look for paranormal opponents.

He was looking for a rumored strongest In-Birth and in order to fight him, Enkidu got bitten by a Void on purpose. After becoming an In-Birth, Enkidu discovered that his powers as an In-Birth were very faint. This was because the wound he received from that Void was small. He keeps fighting under the Night using nothing but his martial arts. Hilda saw promise in him and scouted him to join Amnesia.

Episode: Lights After a Festival (祭りの後火)
Enkidu participates in Amnesia's operations for the first time during their conflict with the Demon Society, about a six months before the actual story. Afterwards, during their victory party Chaos takes time with Enkidu and asks him to tell about himself.

Enkidu tells that he once had a Master which he really respected. However, that master passed away because of an sudden illness. Enkidu describes that he felt powerless against it all, and that inspired him to train even harder.

Chaos asks where does his name "Enkidu" come from. There are different interpretations about what the Enkidu in myth was... Some say he was a man who cut away the sinners, while the others think he was trying to cut away his own sins... Enkidu answers that he chose that name because of the both meanings. He says that it's difficult to put into words why exactly he fights, but he still intends to continue pursuing the strong ones to further increase his own strength.

Arcade Mode (アーケードモード)
In his arcade path, Enkidu challenges various In-Birth, but sees doubt in their eyes and cannot find a true challenge. He heads to where Hilda is and finds Waldstein there. The two of them battle, but Enkidu is once again disappointed. He says that Waldstein has lingering feelings towards Linne, which is why Wald cannot go all-out and fight to the death. Enkidu let's Waldstein leave the place alive hoping that one day, they can have a real battle.

At the end, Enkidu decides that he has helped around Amnesia for long enough. He thinks it's best for him to go solo. He is already looking forward to fighting the members of Amnesia as enemies.


The power Enkidu has is the EXS of Sinful Whirlpool (罪渦のEXS) called Maelstrom (メイルストルム). Because of the very small wound he received from a Void, his powers as an In-Birth are very faint. The best he can do with his abilities is to create energy balls of about the same size of his own fists.

Enkidu doesn't use any weapons, but instead fights using his own body and the martial arts he has learned.

Musical Theme

Title Description
Extreme Stream Enkidu's theme

Introduction Text

He is tortured. The path he takes. What he wants. All because of his desperation.
Seeking for a strong opponent with his imperishable body.
His refined fist. Where it's heading. The hammer to defeat darkness.
Earns a reputation as a disaster. To redeem a pledge with his lost friend.


Official Art
Character Select
Victory Portrait
SD Character
Ed enk
Arcade Mode Ending
Official Illustrations
Happy Birthday by Yoshihara Seiichi (2017)
Concept Art
Concept sprites from French Bread's Ustream


  • Enkidu is a figure in the "Epic of Gilgamesh". He was a person which the goddess of creation Aruru created from saliva and clay. Enkidu was Gilgamesh's companion who inspired him to pursue immortality.


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