This page features a collected timeline of known events during the development process of UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH.

Early Stages

  • Yoshihara Seiichi makes the initial project proposal using the character concepts from his high-school sketchbook. At this stage, the game is simply known as "Yoshihara Fighting (temp.)"
  • Yoshihara already finished designs for Linne, Waldstein, Carmine and Hilda
  • Merkava was created soon after.
  • A long time is took in creating Hyde. Narita seeks help from Mori Toshimichi who says that "Hyde should look more like a protagonist".
  • The entire setting is changed. Hyde changed into a high-schooler.
  • Yoshihara starts to have doubts and revises many of the designs.
  • It is decided that there are too many male characters, Londrekia is scrapped in order to create Orie. His playstyle is also scrapped and later applied into Chaos.

November 2009

  • About a year after "BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger" released in arcades. Producer Narita approaches Arc System Works about how to produce a sprite-based fighting game in HD resolution. Mori tells them there really isn't any easy way to do it.

July 7th 2009, French Bread blog

  • "MELTY BLOOD Actress Again: Current Code" is in development and is expected to launch in arcades on July 29th.
  • UNI is starting to take shape and they switch into full-time production.
  • During the these phases of development, the game title was "VOID RED (temp.)" which was taken from the protagonist's special ability.
  • Narita teases with a picture the cast:
    • Wald, Linne, Hyde, Carmine, Orie, Lex, Vatista, Merkava, Mercedes, Chemeti, Hilda and what seems to be a male Adelheid.

Fall 2009 ~ Winter 2010

  • Eventually they decide to scrap Mercedes, Chemeti and Male Adelheid. Gordeau, Yuzuriha and Seth to be added instead.
  • Thinking the game lacks a cool old guy. Yoshihara asks the team for help, which leads into the conception of Gordeau.
  • Seth is created from Hyde's old leftovers. Narita thinks the game doesn't need more dark characters, but is eventually convinced to keep the character.
  • Narita and Yoshihara think that the game needs brighter characters and seek advice from the team. This leads to the conception of Yuzuriha.
  • Elements reduced from Vatista's design.
  • Hilda's dress changed into a mermaid dress.
  • Gordeau's design refined. Yoshihara decides to add a scythe.

Summer 2010

  • Narita shows early plans of the GRD Gauge to Mori Toshimichi and gets scolded for making defense too prominent.

2011 (Official Reveal)

February 6th 2011, "HYDRA GP Winter Festival 2011"

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH First Promotion Movie

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH First Promotion Movie

  • UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH is officially announced and the first trailer is released. The game is planned to release in Winter 2011. Only four characters are shown off; Hyde, Linne, Waldstein and Carmine. "30~40% complete"
  • Teaser website opened.

May 26th 2011, French Bread blog

  • Narita writes to the French Bread's blog and teases a new character called "Harada-san (temp.)"

July 2011

  • Half a year after the trailer, Raito finally completes first version of Hyde's theme.

September 30th 2011

  • Arcadia magazine announces Orie and Gordeau.
  • Official site renewal.

November 30th 2011

2012 (Release Approaches)

January 27th 2012

February 17th 2012, "AOU Amusement Expo 2012"

  • Game playable for the first time. Six characters. Check videos.

February 25th-26th 2012

  • First loketest. Six characters.

March 30th 2012

  • Arcadia magazine announced boss characters Hilda.

June 9th-10th 2012

  • 2nd loketest. HUD changed. Eight characters.

July 27th-30th 2012

  • 3rd loketest. Ten characters. Character Voices added.
  • French Bread holds a "Guess the Voice Actors" competition.

August 5th 2012

  • The game is playable in "GAME SUMMER FESTIVAL 2012" event.

August 30th 2012

  • The game is featured in Arcadia magazine. Cover illustration.

September 7th 2012

  • Voice actors revealed.

September 14th 2012

  • Release trailer.

September 20th 2012

October 1st 2012

  • CPU opponent "Eltnum" is discovered in the game by players.

October 10th 2012

  • Comptiq magazine reveals "Eltnum".

October 15th 2012

November 1st 2012

  • Hilda added as a playable character.

November 17th 2012

  • BARRACUDA tournament where Narita quickly shows name-only characters.
  • French Bread reveals a secret code which makes Eltnum playable.

December 19th 2012

December 25th 2012

  • Narita makes a tweet about his Christmas celebration. Teaser picture of the work-in-progress Chaos.

2013 (Exe:Late)

January 2013, Ustream broadcast

  • Supporting characters introduced. Same pictures from November.
  • They've been running tests and think that a PS3 port is the most plausible.

April 2013

  • The situation was pretty desperate with the PS3 port. The game supposedly moved at around 5~10 fps and many effects didn't work properly. This problem was eventually solved.

May 24th 2013

  • SEGA holds a private show for arcade operators. Narita tweets info from a press-only trailer.
  • Exe:Late is revealed with Chaos. Says that he has been "the most requested character".

May 24th 2013, Ustream broadcast

  • Shows gameplay footage of Chaos
  • Demonstrate the game moving on PS3 for the first time.
  • They mention their plans to add Nanase as a post-launch character. Already seen in Character Select.
  • Guard Thrust is added. It is currently unsure if a Burst mechanic will be implemented in the future.
  • They tell that adding Wagner is difficult because of the conflicting story details.
  • Producer Narita estimates that the console version will release in early 2014 at best.

July 26th 2013

  • 1st Loketests for Exe:Late begin.


  • French Bread and ArcSys decide to co-develop console version. Nanase update delayed and to be added in the console version..

August 26th

  • 2nd loketest for Exe:Late begin

September 2nd 2013

  • Sudden announcement. Exe:Late coming to the arcades on the Thursday of same week.

September 4th 2013

  • Akatsuki revealed on the official site.

September 5th 2013

  • Exe:Late launches in arcades.
  • 4Gamer interview. The developers say that next they would love to have a Skullgirls character make a guest appearance.

September 18th

  • A version-up to the arcades adds Akatsuki as a suddenly appearing CPU opponent.

September 22 2013

  • Around the time when Tokyo Game Show 2013 ended, the work on Exe:Late console version began.

October 5th

  • Raito holds a "UNIEL Music stream" on NicoNicoDouga and plays Chaos and Akatsuki's themes.

October 22nd

  • The arcade version-up adds Akatsuki as a playable character.

December 2013

  • French Bread finishes development and hands over the work to Arc System Works. They start implementing Network Functions for the console version around the end of the year.

2014 (Long-awaited Console Release)

April 22nd 2014

  • Console version officially announced in Weekly Famitsu Magazine. Development is told to be "50~70% complete". Nanase is also revealed.

May 2nd 2014

  • leaks the console key art for Exe:Late and reveals the existence of Byakuya and Tsukuyomi.

June 11th 2014

  • Byakuya is officially revealed in Famitsu magazine.

July 24th 2014

August 24th 2014

  • Raito holds a "UNI Music Stream" on NicoNicoDouga and plays Hyde's unused BGM.

2015 (Back to the Arcades)

February 24th 2015

  • Exe:Late is released in the US.

February 27th 2015

  • Exe:Late is released in the EU.

May 15th 2015

  • Arc System Works suddenly announces Exe:Late[st] and its upcoming loketests. Phonon is also revealed.

May 22nd 2015

  • 1st UNIst loketest
  • Loketest enquite asks which character you want to be added next.

June 24th 2015

  • 2nd UNIst loketest

July 23rd 2015

  • Exe:Late[st] is officially released.
  • Phonon's voice actress, Saori Oonishi, appears in the BlazBlue series webradio "Bururaji".

September 2nd 2015

  • UNIst digital OST is released. In the booklet's comment section, Producer Narita complains about the loketest enquite, but says now they'll have to see what they can do about the character requests.

December 29th 2015

  • Producer Narita makes an end-of-year comment for 4Gamer's interview. Says that they've been working to release a console version of "that game" during next year.

2016 (The Wait)

March 14th 2016

  • Producer Narita tweets that a new character for UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH is in works, but far from complete.

March 26th 2016

  • OVER THE WORLD tournament. Battle Planner Kamone asks to players to wait. Says they've been busy all this time writing story and drawing sprites.

June 6th 2016

  • Mika is revealed on Famitsu's website.

June 12th 2016

  • Exe:Late is released worldwide of Steam.

June 26th

  • Mika is officially released along with the version-up 3.10

December 27th 2016

  • Narita makes an end-of-year comment for the 4Gamer's interview. Says that the development has been chaotic and is behind the schedule. Teases that new info is coming 'pretty soon'.

2017 (5th Anniversary)

April 18th 2017

  • UNIst console release officially announced on the Famitsu's website. Enkidu to be added as a playable character.

April 27th 2017

  • lists the product page. Mentions "two new characters for the console version".

May 17th 2017

  • Wagner revealed as a new playable character in Dengeki Magazine as well as the key art for the console version of Exe:Late[st].

July 6th 2017

  • A balance patch is released in arcades a few weeks before the release of the console version.

July 16th 2017

  • BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is revealed after the BlazBlue: Central Fiction grand finals at EVO 2017. The crossover fighting game includes UNI as a represented franchise.

July 24th 2017

September 14th 2017

  • Console characters Enkidu and Wagner are released in the arcades.



January 17th 2018

February 9th 2018

  • Exe:Late[st] is released overseas.
  • A game information site GameGrin leaks a picture which seems to be a character selection art for Londrekia Light.

July 15th 2018

August 20th 2018

  • Exe:Late[st] is released worldwide on Steam.

November 11th 2018

  • The French Bread themed fighting game tournament, Climax of Night, is held for the first time in Atlanta, Georgia. After the Exe:Late[st] finals, a short video is played featuring Kamone, Raito and RyoRca, in which they thank the western UNI community for their support and also announce that new content for Exe:Late[st] will be revealed as soon as possible.


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