Byakuya (ビャクヤ)




December 24th


166 cm (5'5")


50 kg (110 lbs)





The Non-volitional Predator

Battle Style


The EXS of Dark Spikes, "Chelicerata"



Voice Acting

Japanese Voice:

Mutsumi Tamura

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Byakuya (ビャクヤ) wanders under the night accompanying his sister. He first appeared as a playable character in the console version of Exe:Late.


Byakuya is mysterious young man who appears with "his sister", Tsukuyomi, during the Hollow Night in search of something or someone she's lost. His only true purpose within the night is to aid his sister in any way he can, which usually involves sinking his claws into unwary victims.

When Chaos meets Byakuya in the story, he notes that the young boy's presence and abilities feel closer to a Void's than an In-Birth's.


Byakuya wears a black school uniform with an unbuttoned blazer and loose bolo tie. Based on his appearance, Hyde suspects that Byakuya is only a middle-school student.


When it comes to Tsukuyomi, Byakuya is very affectionate. He makes sure to go out of his way to ensure that everything is going well for his sister and shows willingness to put everything on the line to ensure that Tsukuyomi's searches for her lost friend bear fruit.

Byakuya's true personality is as different as night is to day when matters don't concern his sister. Byakuya approaches prospective opponents with with no perceivable animosity, only to goad and provoke until his target wants nothing more but to fight him. He seems to draw a great amount of amusement from tormenting others, especially those who would interfere with him and Tsukuyomi.

However he did once tried to reason with Hyde instead of tormenting and fighting his foes. Maybe there is more to him than we think.


Byakuya is escorting and fighting for a woman called Tsukuyomi whom he refers to as his sister. They go the Hollow Night as the "Nest" where they hunt their prey who get caught in the figurative web they've set up. Byakuya appears to be assisting Tsukuyomi in fulfilling a wish of hers, as elaborated after the fight with Hilda.

Tsukuyomi at some point says to Byakuya "To stop pretending that they are siblings", but in turn Byakuya demands that he wants something in return for all he's done for her, and thus she allows anything that Byakauya demands. Byakuya soon rips her shirt, and reveals a scar at Tsukuyomi's chest, which causes Byakuya to lose his cool and thus demands who gave her the scar so he is able to hunt down and kill the inflicter. Tsukuyomi only mention a few details about her, only so far.

Even if they are not siblings, Byakuya states that the Tsukuyomi before him is a reincarnation of his big sister, although the details are unknown. The two still seem to stick with each other even after Tsukuyomi's initial goal has been achieved.


Byakuya's ability is the EXS of Darkness Hooks (闇鉤のEXS) called Chelicerata (ケリケラータ). It allows him to consume the EXS from his preys.

Byakuya controls eight dark claws as he fights. His weapon is referred as Eight Legs of Shredding, the Predator (八裂の八脚(プレデター)). The way he fights is told resemble a cruel spider. Most of his fighting style focuses on manipulation and complete control over his weapon, as well as instinctive hunting.

Musical Theme

Title Description
Eat Beat Nest Byakuya's theme

Introduction Text

He and she stretch a nest under this night. In order to arrest the game which strayed.
He is her sake. She is her own sake. The thought turns on the once defeated friend.
Blood is sniffled, mud is sniffled and it is. The figure which they pursue.
It crawls on eight legs of his and they wriggle tonight also. Put the thought whose
she cooled.

They nest. The web will lure and consume any prey that gets near.
He, for her, and her for herself, they fight.
Her feelings point in one direction, to a friend defeated.
She sips on blood, and mud alike, chasing a shadow.
His eight legs will crawl through the night once more, carrying with him her feelings.


Official Art
Character Select
Victory Portrait
SD Character
Ed bya
Arcade Mode Ending
Normal (通常)
Happy (喜)
Angry (怒)
Sad (哀)
Comfort (楽)
Eyes Closed (目を閉じる)
Smile 1 (微笑)
Smile 2 (微笑)
Official Illustrations
Happy Birthday by Nakahara Yuusuke (2014)
Happy New Year by Yoshihara Seiichi (2015)
Happy Birthday by 6sec (2015)
Happy Birthday by Wagatsuma Takehiko (2016)
UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe Late - Byakuya Introduction Video

UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe Late - Byakuya Introduction Video

Gameplay Tutorial for Exe:Late


  • "Chelicerata" is one of the five subdivisions of the phylum Arthropoda. Their major characteristic is a jaw-like mouth. Majority of spider and scorpions belong to this subdivisions as well as some crabs.
  • Via his sister's theme naming, "Byakuya" (白夜, also written as "Hakuya") literally translates to "White Night", which refers to a night at either the north or south pole, or a short night that occurs under the midnight sun.

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