Sys hud

1. Vital Vessel (ヴァイタルヴェセル)
Shortened as VIT Gauge. The Health bar. Player loses when their gauge depletes.

2. Time Count (タイムカウト)
Timer tells you how many seconds of the current round is still left.

3. Points
Tells you how many round you have won and how.

  • V is normal victory.
  • S is a victory by finishing the opponent with Infinite Worth attack.
  • P is a perfect victory.
  • T is a win by Time Up.

4. Special Gauge
Only Yuzuriha, Eltnum and Chaos possess these special gauges for their abilities.

5. Combo Counter
Shows the number of hits and the damage you've done in your current combo. If you're in Vorpal state, amount of damage is also shown as Basic Damage and Bonus Damage.

6. Annotations
Screen will mention when someone:

7. EXS Enhance (イグジスエンハンス)
Shortened as EXS Gauge. Shows how much meter you have. Carries over to the next round.

8. Grind Grid (グラインドグリッド)
Shortened as GRD Gauge. Shows the amount of GRD blocks you have.

9. GRD Transfer State (GRD トランスファーステイト)
Shortened as TS Gauge. Ring-shaped timer. Player with the most GRD blocks by the time it has completed a ring will gain the GRD Vorpal state.

10. Player Comment
Pressing UNI A+UNI B+UNI C+START will change the comment in the order:
[Personal Comment] > [Beginner practicing!] > [Intruders welcome! Looking for a challenger!]

11. Profile Details
Player's avatar, name and the amount of RIP points are shown below the health bar.



Dash (66 or 6 UNI A+UNI B)
Faster way to move on the ground. There are two types of dash.

Backdash (44 or 4 UNI A+UNI B)
Quick movement to take distance from the opponent.

Throw (4 or 6+UNI A+UNI D) Close range move where the character grabs the opponent. Varies much depending the character.

Concentration (Hold down the UNI D button)
Charges GRD

Chain Shift (UNI DUNI D)
Cancels the current animation and turns GRD into EXS

Shield (4/1/7 UNI D)
Barrier which gives more GRD than the normal blocking.

Assault (6UNI D)
Horizontal jump move.

Move Sets

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