Azel (アゼル)



Voice Actor:

Akari Kitou

Azel (アゼル Azeru) is a young boy [1] who wanders under the Night in search of a rare jewel.


Azel has yellow eyes and a grey short haircut, wears a loose white shirt, green overalls and has a huge cap on the top of their head. He isn't physically active and likes to evade all kind of trouble. Azel loves medieval stories about knights, and is aspiring to write such stories one day.

He is rather timid for a boy which causes misunderstandings about his gender. Neither Carmine or Gordeau could say for sure whether Azel was boy or girl, nor had they the guts to just straight-up ask Azel about his gender.

In Japanese, Azel speaks using a humble and boyish pronoun "Boku" (僕).


Episode: "You're really pissing me off!" (血が騒ぎやがるんだよ!)
Azel wanders under the Night and stops Carmine in order to gather info. Azel takes quite a liking to Carmine and follows him around several times, much to the latter's chagrin. Azel often refers to Carmine as the "Red Person" (赤の人), claiming that his memories are in a rather chaotic state and he cannot recall recent events very well. Carmine himself sees Azel as a pain, but can't bring himself to defeat Azel in battle.

At the end of Carmine's story path, Azel mentions to be looking for The Ruby of Nothingness, the "Void Red" (虚無なる紅玉(ヴォイド・レッド)). Azel's important friend is apparently looking for it and is trying to help. Azel refers to this person as the Holy Knight, Sigurd (聖騎士(シグルド)).


Azel can create an illusionary being Sigurd using EXS similar to how Orie summons her being, Thanatos [2]. In concept art, Azel's ability is referred to as "Third Dimension, [Stereography]" (立体化(ステレオグラフィ)).

Azel can vanish from a place instantaneously in a fashion similar to that of a ghost. Gordeau also notes that Azel's body is somehow very special.


Official Art
Normal (通常)
Happy (喜)
Angry (怒)
Sad (哀)
Concept Art
Scrap mercedes
Concept art from mook
Azel (Giselle) Concept
Concept art from pre-order artbook


  • Azel is based on the scrapped character Mercedes. Visually they are very similar, but Azel's background and setting was drastically changed.
    • There also exists another piece of concept art where Azel was named "Giselle" (ジゼル).
  • Azel is a distortion on the name "Azazel", who was a fallen angel and a devil in various mythologies.


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