The Spiral of Oblivion [Amnesia] (忘却の螺旋(「アムネジア」)), is a newly found organization by a group of In-Birth wishing to gain more power and freedom.



Amnesia is an organization which seeks to free the Hollow Night from the control of Licht Kreis and the Night Blade. Amnesia is lead by select number of Leaders (幹部), but the rest of the members don't have any kind of hierarchy. Members are expected to act according to the Leaders orders during the territorial battles, but normally they have no control over what its members do. Most of its members usually act under their own self-interests.

However, due to the tragic death its member, Roger, the new rules are created by Chaos to ensure none of its members will share a same fate as Roger had.

Known Members

Name Rank Note
Hilda Leader, founder "Paradox".
Chaos Tactician "Bloody Chaos".
Enkidu Ex-member (Arcade story only) "The Sin-slaying Beast"/"The Maneater".
Uzuki Co-leader "The Undertaker".
Joker "The King of Clowns" Brought up in name only during Hilda's arcade story.
Roger Co-leader, Founder (Deceased) "The Survivor"
Killed by the Crimson Knight after turning into a Void.
Gordeau Ex-member/co-leader, Founder "The Harvester of Greed" A former member. Works with them as a mercenary.

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