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Spiral of Oblivion [Amnesia] (忘却の螺旋(「アムネジア」), Boukyaku no Rasen), is a newly found organization by the In-Birth wishing to gain more power.




Amnesia is an organization which seeks to free the Hollow Night from the control of Licht Kreis and the Night Blade. Amnesia has no hierarchy and its members are expected to act under the orders from a select number of leaders. However, most of its members act under their own self-interests.

Known Members

Name Rank Note
Hilda Leader, founder Also called "Paradox" by the name of her ability.
Chaos Tactician Also called "Bloody Chaos". Is capable of controlling a Void.
Enkidu Also called "The Sin-slaying Beast".
Uzuki Also called "The Undertaker".
??? In Hilda's story, she mentions someone who goes by the name Joker (ジョーカー), the King of Clowns (道化の王) 
Bob Gordeau's friend who got killed by the Crimson Knight after turning into a Void.
Gordeau A former member

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